Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Crossfit Boot Camp Two Times

St.Stephens High School (West Austin)

Date:April 2nd - April 27th

Days: Monday/Wednesday /Friday

Time: 530-630am



Mid Morning

Date: April 2nd - April 27th

Days: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Time: 9:30 - 10:30am

Cost: $220.00

Shower and Changing Room available

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Why should you Attend Crossfit Central Boot Camp?
• Get in the best shape of your life.
• Watch those 5 – 10 unwanted pounds melt away
• Get out of the gym for a not so traditional workout.
• Prepare Core strength for the upcoming triathlon season.
• Cut personal training fees by 3/4.

Here is what to expect;
• Core strength and a tighter back side.
• Average five pounds of weight loss.
• Function that will apply to any sport and every day life.
• Accountability of goals for maximum results.
• Increase strength and cardio vascular endurance.
• Increase coordination and agility.
• Have a blast working out with like minded motivated people.

Why Jeremy Thiel is Qualified
• Jeremy is a Certified Crossfit Instructor.
• Jeremy has had hands on experience training large groups.
• Jeremy has the strength, flexibility, and endurance to back up everything that he teaches.
• Jeremy will go the extra length to ensure each individual gets results.